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For 32 years Innovation With Energy (IWE) and its sister company SINCRO Australia have had cornerstone roles in developing lighting tower technologies in three specific areas. DC generators, LED lights and tower controllers. Innovation With Energy is a key partner for several Australian lighting tower manufacturers engineering, sourcing and supplying rigorously tested major components ensuring robust world-class solutions.


You will know our SINCRO DC alternators and prior models of SINCRO AC alternators, IWE LED lights and specifically our IWE708 controllers as reliable ruggedised components well suited to face the rigours of our Australian mining and construction sectors

For 32 years we have used our considerable industry experience to assist OEMs in providing up-to-date and reliable components.


IWE is available to help wherever needed in design and ongoing product support. 

OEM Lighting For Construction and Mining


Rugged and proven performers IWE LED lights are the preferred lights on major Australian light tower rental fleets. Our mine and construction-ready LED lights are specifically engineered for the needs of the Australian mining and construction sectors. Our LED lights can be retrofitted to an existing fleet of AC and DC towers. Use our experience to advise on new and retrofit applications. IWE lights are producing an amazing 160 lumens per watt of useable pure white light turning night into day. IWE’s mine and construction-ready LED lights are specially treated using coatings suitable for Australian mining and construction industries, and utilise stainless steel hardware, nuts bolts and screws

IWE TCL lights are cross-purpose lights. We have LED lights equally suitable for fixed pole applications that will eat up the dust. Processing areas, haul roads, direct fit to excavators and drag lines (24V DC versions available) Large area light up to an amazing 1200 watts. Night into day

  • IWE LED lights and spare parts are available from Innovation with energy

Anti Vandal IWE LED Light

IWE Power & Sincro Australia

For 32 years Innovation With Energy (IWE) and its sister company SINCRO Australia, have been trusted suppliers across a range of industries of SINCRO DC alternators and prior models of SINCRO AC alternators. IWE has supplied AC, DC and PMG generators to leading Australian OEMs manufacturing generators and lighting towers.

We work with our customers to create unique solutions to power challenges.


Lift the hoods on several of the lighting towers built in Australia and you will see a SINCRO alternator


  • SINCRO alternators and spare parts are always available. Please contact IWE to discuss


IWE Controller 708

Most of you will know this controller as it appears on a considerable of the light towers built for mining and construction in Australia


What you won't know is that in 2014 when the very first LED light towers were being built in Australia it was Innovation With Energy that developed an operating system for the 708 controller customising it to suit Australian mining and construction conditions. Today the 708 light tower controller still contains intellectual property owned by Innovation With Energy


IWE708 controllers are readily available from Innovation With Energy

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