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LED Sports Floodlight T240 Watt

The light that gets everyone out playing and maxising your court time. The T 240 brings brilliant light and uniformity into an out the box solution. No need for lighting designs, aiming instructions or any of the complicated issues that sometimes come with lighting a court. With our T Series, you simply connect and play.Available in 240 ,400 & 600 Watts we go from basic cover of 100 lux (Residential) to 250 lux (Social Play) and the 600 watt light taking the lighting levels over 450 lux equivalent to competition grade lighting. When retrofitting existing poles we offer multiple pole mounting options to suit a variety of configurations. Simple, easy solution to your tennis court requirements. 

  • Features & Specifications

    • 155 Lumens per watt
    • Wattage 240
    • Luminous Flux 37,200
    • 50,000 Hour life expectancy
    • Advanced energy efficiency
    • Philips Lumileds LED
    • Excellent light uniformity
    • 5000K Colour
    • Instant light
    • Weather rating IP66
    • Aluminum fixings
    • Multiple pole mounting options
    • Minimal obtrusive light spill and luminous intensity
    • Spill shields available for tight restrictions
    • Mounting options
    • Net Weight 7.9kg


Free Metro Shipping - If you are unsure whether your suburb falls within a metropolitan area, or wish for a shipping quote, please contact

IWE T Series 240 Watt LED Floodlight

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