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Extend your practice and play time giving you the edge on your competitors when you introduce night play into your club.  At IWE we have been involved in may projects across many disciplines helping clubs successfully light their grounds.

Australian standards vary from sport to sport and our team has a thorough understanding of what you need to achieve to comply.  The main consideration when designing a lighting solution is the quality and quantity of light needed on the field.

The quantity of light is measured as an average lux level and the level required is determined by the standard of sport to be played. General guidelines recommend lower levels for recreational play, medium levels for club standard and high levels for international or professional grade.

The quality of light is gauged by the degree of light uniformity across the sports field.  In other words, the light level is reasonably even and there are no overly bright or dark spots.

Our design team work to achieve optimum uniformity and maximum lux levels by using tailored lights and lenses to provide the correct distribution of light for your field. Once installed the lights are positioned using a mobile application to ensure the light angles are correct and the best possible combination quality and quantity of light is achieved.

The process  can sometimes seem quite daunting when you see all the requirements needed, especially when you consider council regulations which add light spill and obtrusive light into the mix.  Rest assured that our team deal with these situations every day and can help you find your perfect solution.

Click on the link below for a lighting consultation and one of our lighting engineers will contact you to discuss your project. 

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To the left of the page there are brochures available for download showing our range of lights.

From concept to completion, we will be with you every step of the way to achieve your desired lighting configuration. 


Key Benefits

  • Instant ON/OFF - Immediate full brightness
  • ZERO Maintenance
  • Save between 50% & 70% on your energy bills
  • Spill Control - even controlled light distribution
  • 50,000 hour life expectancy 
  • IP66 for all weather conditions
  • All fixing materials are marine grade stainless steel (316)
  • Versatile multi-voltage supply 48 - 415 Volts
  • Industry leading COB LED chipsets
  • Multiple beam angles 45 to 130 and 110 degrees asymmetric 
  • High lumen efficiency - up to 130 lumens per watt 


Soccer Ovals
Netball Fields
Football Fields
Hockey Fields
AFL Fields
Commercial Tennis Courts


Lighting Council, Australia member

IWE are proud members of the Lighting Council of Australia

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