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Manage your sports field lighting remotely with our cost effective smart control system, giving you complete control of your lights with the touch of a button.  Access control from your smartphone, tablet and PC.  The command is sent via wifi or 3G to the IWE Smart Controller which commuicates directly with the IWE LED driver using the power line carrier.

Communication via Power line - NO extra cabling is needed. The Power Line Carrier uses the high-voltage line between the driver in the lights and the Smart Controller as the communications path for data and commands. This means no additional cabling is required to run the system. It is incredibly powerful yet really easy to install and manage.

The IWE Smart Controller can be integrated with your existing lights but depending on the setup the features may be limited.

Call us today to discuss how our Smart Control System could help your facility or follow the link below to provide us with more information on your project and one of your team will be in contact you.

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Key Benefits

  • Remote On/Off Control

  • Timer Light Control

  • Each Controller controls up to 250 Lights

  • WiFi / LAN compatible

  • Easy Installation

  • 0 - 100% Dimming Feature

  • Mulit Device Compatibility

  • Smart Control Box

  • Multiple Users

  • Power Meter Usage

  • Light Usage Reporting



Tennis Courts
Sports Ovals
Sports Stadiums
Multi Court 
Multi Location



 IWE Smart Control




Lighting Council, Australia member

IWE are proud members of the Lighting Council of Australia

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