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Our dedicated team of lighting designers will work with you from concept to realisation. Providing your facility with the most cost effective, powerful lighting system ensuring all your needs are met.

AGI32 Software:
At IWE our lighting designs are created using the AGI32 software.

AGI32 is not only a comprehensive point-by-point program, but a fast, photometrically correct, colour-rendering tool as well. It allows us to compute all point-by-point values simultaneously with a full colour image. This allows us to not only review the "numbers", but incorporate accurate visualisation into your lighting design. This is enormously powerful for both conceptualisation and presentation of your project.

Using AGI32 software allows us to predict lighting system performance for any application from a residential tennis court to a professional sports facility. Interior or exterior, our lighting designers can build environments for most any lighting application with unlimited luminaires, calculation points, reflective or transmissive surfaces.

The Design Process

The main consideration when designing a lighting solution is the quality and quantity of light needed on the field.

The quantity of light is measured as an average lux level.  For Sports fields the level required is determined by the standard of sport to be played. General guidelines recommend lower levels for recreational play, medium levels for club standard and high levels for international or professional grade.

The quality of light is gauged by the degree of light uniformity across the illuminated area.  In other words, the light level is reasonably even and there are no overly bright or dark spots.

Our design team work to achieve optimum uniformity and maximum lux levels by using tailored lights and lenses to provide the correct distribution of light for your courts. Once installed the lights are positioned using a mobile application to ensure the light angles are correct and the best possible combination quality and quantity of light is achieved.

A custom lighting design is available for $295.00 +GST, this fee is completely refundable if you go ahead with your project and purchase your lights from IWE Group. 

If you would like to go ahead with a design, please follow the link below to a questionnaire regarding your requirements. Once you have completed the form, you will be directed to the payment page.

Lighting Design Form

If you would like to discuss alternate payment options please do not hesitate to call us on 02 9986 2396  where one of our dedicated team members can discuss your options with you.