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LED floodlights are used in a variety of applications inlcuding sports fields and mining.


LED highbay lighting delivers greatly reduced lifetime costs, and superior performance to metal halide


LED lighting for tunnels, high performance and low maintenance an essential combination for tunnel lighting.


Our LED street lights provide excellent quality with low energy usage. Retro fit options also available.

LED Lighting Technical Performance

LED lighting performance continues to make great advances in terms of both light quality and especially efficiency, or lumens per watt.

In testing, horizontal and vertical light grids that measure lux on the ground show impressive results. Light loss factors are low.

Watt equivalents for LED versus traditional Metal Halide clearly indicate superior performance.

LED Lighting Technical Performance

Cost Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting technology provides significantly better watt equivalents to their Metal Halide cousins. An improved lumens/watt results in lower power consumption and reduced running costs.

The Total Cost of Ownership over the lifetime of an LED light is around 60% lower than Metal Halide.

Buyers are increasingly realising that the initial purchase price is a poor indicator of real costs.


"The team at IWE Group are very knowledgeable, forward thinking and leaders in the energy sector. They work with their customers with an aim to selecting and using the right products in Lighting and Power generation to obtain the precise solution for each application and achieving or improving the return on investment. The team at IWE work on providing the right solution, they don’t just sell product, but work with their clients in partnership on engineering an optimised solution for the project which over the long term operation has saved clients 50% or more in costs. Working with IWE saves time as they help to solve any issues and provide a great resource for your team."

Anthony Moss - CEO, Lead Your Industry

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