Our stringent testing ensures our products are built to last.  Backed by a 10 year warranty you can be sure the of the finest quality.  

IWE Group LED lights are used in the most extreme Australian environments.  Given this, it is essential that all of our LED lights are put to the test to ensure success out in the field.

Our industry leading tests include: 

Submerged Water Test IWE Group LED Lighting

Submerged Water Test

The test is part of the IP rating requirements.  This test is the waterproof IP67 & 68 testing

Integrated Sphere Test IWE Group LED Lighting specialists

Integrated Sphere Test

Photoelectric testings including lumens, colour temperature, colour rendering index, colour coordinates, power and light efficiency

Humidity Test LED Lighting IWE Group

Humidity Test

Provides a spectrum of humidity/temperature environments for Highly Accelerated Stress Testing of materials, parts, and products.

5KG Drop Test LED Lighting IWE Group

5 kg Drop Test
5kg's dropped directly onto our lens from a height of 900mm. This test holds a IK Class rating

Temperature test IWE LED Lighting.png

Temperature Test
This is the final step of the light panel assembly processing called aging. the finished lights are put into the aging room to test that the panels are working correctly

Water test LED Lights IWE Group.png

Water Test
Water is projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction

Curve Flux Testing IWE Group LED.png

Distribution Curve Flux
Photometric Testing provides a comprehensive laboratory service for testing the amount, colour, quality and spatial distribution of light emitted from lamps, LEDs and luminaires

Salt spray test LED Lights IWE Group.png

Salt Spray Test
The salt spray (or salt fog) test is a standardised and popular corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings

Life Test LED Lights IWE Group.png

IWE Life Test
Commencing in 2012 the lights have run 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week with a 25 degree operating temperature. Data is measured and collected weekly including luminous and power used

At IWE our lights are built to the highest possible standards, including the AS/NZS certificate of suitability. Click here to view our certificate.


AG132 Lighting Design IWE Group

Lighting Design Consultation

Creating world class complex lighting solutions

Understanding your present and potential future requirements of your facility and complex asset starts with a consultation with one of our dedicated lighting designers.

IWE Group creates lighting designs utilising the industry standard AGI32 software. 

AG132 is not only a comprehensive point-by-point program, but a fast, photometrically correct, colour-rendering tool as well. It allows us to compute all point-by-point values simultaneously with a full colour image, including accurate concept visualisations. This is enormously powerful for both conceptualisation of lighting required and presentation of your project to stakeholders.

Installation Support

Full project management available

If project management is required our team can support with concept to completion.

Lighting can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when faced with issues with council, light spill, obtrusive light and many other aspects.  We are here to help you through any issues you many encounter. 

Our team is available to help in many different areas including:

  • Lighting designs

  • Council consultations

  • Site project support

  • Commissioning of lights

Any other areas where you many need assistance.

The cost of installation support varies depending on project size and location. 

IWE Group LED Lighting Installation and
LUX Readings IWE Group LED Sports Lighting Specialists

Lux Readings

Meeting illumination standards

The level of lighting, be it a new commission or that of an existing lighting at a facility, is paramount to any competition being hosted at that facility as the Australian lighting standards need to be met.  

With existing light a lux reading will ensure that the lighting still meets the required standards.  It is common, especially with the old metal halide floodlights, that the lights lose some of their luminaires over time thus resulting in lower lux reading which no longer reaches the required levels.  Metal halide lights can lose as much as 50% of their intended light after only 10,000 hours.

As well as ensuring the facility meets the Australian standards, the report also protects the facility against liability should a player be injured while playing.

Secondly when a lighting design is done the lux levels and uniformity are supplied using a lighting design based on the IES files for the lights. The lux reading, once the lights are commissioned, act at proof that the lighting achieved is what was expected and promised by the supplier.

As part of the Lux reading service, IWE will supply you with drone footage of your facility.  The drone footage will allow you to visually see how the lights luminate the area, allowing you to clearly see any light spill, shadows or dark spots.  

Please contact us for more information on our Lux Reading Reports.