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grant applications

Rednet Business Solutions and Innovation With Energy (IWE), the LED lighting Specialists, are working together to save you time and money and gain a winning edge on your grant application.

Grant Writing

Rednet specialises in assisting sporting groups, not-for-profit and other organisations to prepare Government and Private Grants, ensuring that the application meets the requirements of the grant or award program to the highest level. Rednet has an excellent success rate for competitive grant applications across all sectors of local government, state government and private grant applications for sporting and not-for- profit organisations.

Our team take a very strategic approach to grant writing. A member of our grant management team will contact you to get to know more about your organisation in order to develop a sound, concise and engaging grant proposal. Once we have a better idea of what you are trying to ac- complish, our grant writing team will develop a narrative that is engaging and at the same time, compliant to specified requirements.

As part of this proposal, and being referred to us by IWE, the cost of your grant preparation and submission by Rednet will be reimbursed if you are successful with your grant application and you are ustilising the prodcuts and services of IWE lighting in your project.

Our Process

  • After your initial contact, Rednet will research to see what grants are available in the area and state of your sporting group or organisation, close off time for applications and make sure they are matched and align with your proposed project. 
  • If you already have a grant selected, Rednet will review the grant you are looking to procure and ensure it matches the project guidelines.
  • Rednet will provide a cost structure for the completion and submission of the grant, this will vary depending on the amount of work and complexity of the grant application.
  • When your sporting group / organisation engages Rednet, we will allocate a grant writer to your group and send you a template that will be required to be completed.
  • Your assigned grant writer will liaise with your nominated representative, along with the relevant people that will be involved with your project, gathering the required technical and community information about your project for the submission.
  • Final application is signed off by the group representative and application is submitted for assessment.
  • Rednet will invoice your sporting group / organisation when the grant is submitted and will be payable within 14 days.
  • IWE will be informed that the grant has been submitted along with a copy of the invoice.
  • If your grant application is successful and IWE lighting products and services are being utilised in the project, IWE will reimburse your Rednet invoice.

Stand out from the Crowd

Each year grants provide support to thousands of community groups, charities and sporting teams. Faced with constant demand, grant providers often have no choice but to make difficult choices among applicants, and unfortunately many worthwhile organisations miss out. For your application to stand out amongst the hundreds of applications a grant provider receives, it needs to impress. With this in mind, Rednet Business Solutions Grant Service presents the top five things to consider when next applying for grant funding to help you set your application apart from the rest.

  1. Understand your relationship with your local community
  2. Know what you want and be prepared to articulate it clearly
  3. Be relevant and use evidence that supports your project
  4. Be different and include a compelling difference
  5. Keep it local and understand who else can benefit

Who do I speak to if I need more information?

For more information about grants and this proposal, please contact Rednet Business Solutions - phone - 02 65 815 412 or email - grants@rednetfirst.com.au To discuss your lighting requirements call IWE Group - Phone 02 99862396 or email info@iwegroup.com.au