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The Australian Made Lighting Tower Specific IWETL240

Australian Made IWE TL 240

Australian Made Tower LED Light for the Toughest of Conditions


IWE's Australian Made IWETL240-1 Tower lights embody cutting edge technology with class leading efficacy of 200 lumens per watt.
They are powered by IWE's in house designed, engineered and manufactured driver. The IWETL240-1 tower light is the result of ten years of association with specialty light tower LED lights.


IWETL240-1 LED lights are compact but designed specifically to survive mining and construction environments

Key features:
• Steel brackets
• IP65 Rating
• 200lm/w high lumen efficiency
• Class leading driver design features include:

  • Over current protection

  • Short circuit protection

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Over temperature protection

• 0-10 VDC dimming circuit
• Aluminum extruded housing for efficient heat dissipation
• Polycarbonate long life lens
• Weight 11kg

IWE TL 240.jpg

Sincro Australia 

For 32 years Innovation With Energy (IWE) and its sister company SINCRO Australia, have been trusted suppliers across a range of industries of SINCRO DC alternators and prior models of SINCRO AC alternators. IWE has supplied AC, DC and PMG generators to leading Australian OEMs manufacturing generators and lighting towers.

We work with our customers to create unique solutions to power challenges.


Lift the hoods on several of the lighting towers built in Australia and you will see a SINCRO alternator


  • SINCRO alternators and spare parts are always available. Please contact IWE to discuss

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