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Generator Controllers

Accurate monitoring of all operating parameters alongside effective control and genset protection.

Battery Chargers

Adoption of the latest design and switch power components.

Auto Transfer Switch

Control your assets remotely from your mobile phone or tablet.

Lighting Tower Controllers

Controllers for automation and monitoring of single light towers.

Multifunction Controllers

Generator set controllers from single genset to multiple generating units with controls ranging from Manual operation to fully Automated control and remote operation.

Marine and Pump controllers for diesel driven Pumps, Marine engines, to fully automated Lighting Tower controllers. They provide accurate monitoring of all operating parameters with effective control and protection for the genset, pump or light tower.

IWE controllers integrating digital, intelligent and network systems are used in all types of automatic control applications and are known for their compact structure, simple connections and excellent reliability.

The modular design, flame-retardant ABS shell, embedded mounting, compact structure and easy installation allow the controllers to integrate into all systems.

Multifunction Controllers
Timer Control

Timer Control

Where timer operation is desired, IWE can supply controllers with real-time clock and real-time calendar functions allowing scheduled start/stop, operating on specific days, specific times on each day, sunrise and sunset start/stop operation, which is highly sought after in lighting tower units. The timer operation includes scheduled start times, generator running duration time or where applicable the sunrise time and sunset time can be set by the user as per their programmed operation cycles.

Remote Control

Control modules are digital, smart and networked and enjoy precise data measurement, alarm protection as well as remote control, remote measuring and remote communication functions. Controllers supplied with an RS485 communication port enable remote control of the genset or pump, remote measuring of the operating parameters and remote communication via ModBus protocol.

This allows the operator to have visibility and control of the genset where it is not possible to attend the unit everyday.

Remote Control
IWE SG361 SMS Control

SMS Control

Selected controllers can operate connected to a GSM modem. In GSM mode it is possible to send SMS messages to the genset controller to operate the genset, to have the controller report on operating conditions such as engine battery volts, hours run and for the controller to send an SMS to up to 5 registered mobile phones if a fault condition is activated.

This provides immediate feedback on the genset and users can send orders by SMS message, the controller will take action or send back information depending on the SMS message sent.

AC or DC Monitoring

Whether you are building or operating light towers, or battery chargers or off grid power supplies, we can offer controllers with the option for AC or DC monitoring and control.

If you have both AC MH light towers and DC LED light towers we can supply you a single control system to operate either operating system, allowing easy installation and lower cost with one common design.

We can also supply specific DC controllers for battery charging and variable speed operation in Telco and off grid back up systems.

AC or DC Monitoring
Integrated Engine Control

Integrated Engine Control

Controllers equipped with CANBUS port can communicate directly with the engine ECU through J1939. This interface not only allows you to monitoring frequently-used data such as water temperature, oil pressure, speed, fuel consumption and so on from the engine ECU, but also allows you to control start up, shutdown, speed control - raise or lower and speed droop via the CANBUS port.

This gives the operator greater control and interface with the existing engine controls.

"The team at IWE Group are very knowledgeable, forward thinking and leaders in the energy sector. They work with their customers with an aim to selecting and using the right products in Lighting and Power generation to obtain the precise solution for each application and achieving or improving the return on investment. The team at IWE work with on providing the right solution, they don’t just sell product, but work with their clients in partnership on engineering an optimised solution for the project which over the long term operation has saved clients 50% or more in costs. Working with IWE saves time as they help to solve any issues and provide a great resource for your team."

Anthony Moss - CEO, Lead Your Industry

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